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It’s been a while since the time of the beard. Not since the days of antiquity and “the philosopher’s beard” has a philosopher pulled off one as magnificent as the one William Lane Craig had. He looked fierce with the fuzz and gave atheists such as Frank Zindler and Peter Atkins a taste of what it was like to cross the beard of Bill. Now I’m not saying “Baby-faced Bill” somehow lacks the tenacity of “Bill with a beard,” but it does kind of feel like the Moral Argument is missing it’s second premise if you know what I mean. So this an official petition to “Bring Bill’s Beard Back”. We’re not asking for much, just to grow it out for a little while so that before you go to be with our Lord (which of course we pray is many, many years from now) us fans of the beard can have an everlasting image of the Chuck Norris of philosophy. Please send this around and help raise awareness to Bring Bill’s Beard Back!