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The Night Before Christmas

(The Apologists Rendition)

Twas the night before Christmas and all through God’s House
no refutation was uttered, not even, to Lawerence Krauss
There were premises unfinished in studies with care
In hopes that an answer, soon would be there

Apologists were nestled, all snug in their beds
while these unfinished premises, danced in their heads
Now I couldn’t sleep, from an inductive proof
an arguments reasoning, that seemed too obtuse

That’s when they came, absurd and obnoxious
Dennet, Sam Harris and of course Richard Dawkins
“Fitting this night, for you silly theist,
You know they’re no different? Santa and Jesus!”

“No evidence, no arguments, no proof you posess,
nothing that shows us that your God Exists!”
“That is our case and we’re sticking to it
you stupid Christian, you must be deluded!”

What could I say? It was no easy task
To come up with an answer, and to think of it fast
When suddenly I heard a trump in the distance
they came in the thousands, with arguments, for God’s existence

That’s when Dawkins and company began to beg
“Oh no, please help us, God’s sent Doctor Craig!”
and behind him stood an army of logic
that even secular academia had to acknowledge

“Now Hugh Ross! Plantinga! Swinburne! Lee Strobel!
NT Wright! Paul Copan! John Lennox and Mike Licona!
We’ll show them with gentleness, where probability sides
and how we love God with heart; soul, body, and mind!”

The enemy let loose with their scientific theory,
and attempted to use philosophical and theological queries
But people soon realized, their arguments were weak
Their logic was fallacious, and now it was the meek’s turn to speak

They started with the fallacys of the opposite side
Of course by now, Dick Dawkins, ran home to cry
Arguments on top arguments, the probability mounted
Soon Harris, then Dennet, were nowhere to be counted

So the battle was won, but the war far from over
“To win souls, not arguments, that’s our aim” Craig said in his closer
I was in awe, at the multitudes that now believed
For the Spirit was with these men, on this Christmas Eve

And before he left Bill Craig shook my hand
and said, “remember this night was about the Man”
and before he left he quoted Descartes and said
“From nothing comes nothing” now go back to bed

Merry Christmas to all my apologist brethren out there, may we remember why we spend countless hours alone reading countless books. We do it for Jesus, and for the lost souls whom we were commanded to love. Your brother, Phil Lost.