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For a while now I have thinking how I could make this blog useful. I originally started it just to start it. A kind of “everyone else is doing it” objective. But as of late I have been thinking about ways to aid in my learning and think this blog affords me a way to do that.

(For the record, I no longer consider myself to be an apologist. A Christian yes, an apologist no. Perhaps I still engage in the activities of an apologist from time to time, but I think it is secondary to my other endeavors, namely sharing my faith and sharing my love of philosophy.)

So what I will be doing is writing a journal. I need a place to extend my mind, where I can gather my thoughts as I work them out. The goal is to sharpen my own outlook on reality while trying to make sense of my Christian beliefs and experiences.

I think this can be of value to people getting into philosophy as I will be talking about what I am reading and learning. There will be resources, links, must read books in particular fields, and all kinds of goodies. I also hope to meet people who share the same interests and who would care to shed their knowledge of the topics being discussed.

I welcome any and all comments, but keep it respectful, or keep it to yourself.

Phil Lost