Bio: I am a Christian who comes with a story, who also happens to like writing stories. I also have a love of theology, philosophy, history and science. I am honest in my failures as a Christian. I have backslid out of fear of people knowing my faith (something I still deal with to this day). I was one who put a bowl over the light, grabbed the plough and looked back, perhaps one who is not fit for the Kingdom, but I keep trying in hopes that God will one day grant me the strength to live in His light. I am a former drug user, abuser and addict. A former bouncer with a penchant for fast women. My sins are great, my sins are many, and this includes after accepting Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Part of me wishes that God didn`t exist (how much easier life would be) but I have seen Him (I was thirteen) and my body is forever marked from that encounter and as such I can`t deny that He exists. Those who do are fooling themselves. I was raised by an atheist father and nominal mother who both held deep resentment for the church after they were forced to put their first child up for adoption to save face because she was born out of wedlock. I went to a couple of Sunday school classes when I was 7 after my mother thought I was going to turn into a terror (I wound up terrorizing my Sunday school teacher). If you don`t like what I write then don`t read it; pretty simple. If you do then please follow. In Christ P.L.

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